Danbury Youth Soccer Club is a non-profit organization. It operates under the general auspices of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) but is governed locally through its own Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is charged with providing

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Typical U9 Curriculum. Reinforce these themes during the pool training and games on Saturdays.

Curriculum Content Description: Click Here

U9 Curriculum Week 1 - Wednesday Sept 16th 2015: Click Here
Ball Mastery

U9 Curriculum Week 2 - Wednesday Sept 23rd 2015: Click Here
GK & Player Striking 

U9 Curriculum Week 3 - Wednesday Sept 30th 2015: Click Here
GK & Player Striking 

U9 Curriculum Week 4 - Wednesday Oct 7th 2015: Click Here
Dribbling and Passing

U9 Curriculum Week 5 - Wednesday Oct 14th 2015: Click Here
Passing - Combination

U9 Curriculum Week 6 - Wednesday Oct 21st 2015: Click Here
Passing - Possess

U9 Curriculum Week 7 - Wednesday Oct 28th 2015: Click Here

U9 Curriculum Week 8 - Wednesday Nov 4th 2015: Click Here

U9 Curriculum Week 9 - Additional Session: Click Here


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